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‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ Sexist?

Thomas595A political science professor at the University of Alberta said this week that the popular kids’ show, “Thomas the Tank Engine,” pushes a conservative agenda and teaches kids the wrong lessons about hierarchy and gender equality.

Political studies professor Shauna Wilson said she came to this conclusion after watching 23 episodes of the show, according to the CBC.

“There’s a really clear social hierarchy, and everyone is looking down at the characters that are below them, and generally speaking, the political outlook is pretty conservative,” Wilton said Monday in an interview with CBC Radio’s As It Happens.

“The gender roles were particularly interesting to me because I have a daughter who watches the show, and as the mother of a daughter, I want her to be watching shows with strong female characters in them,” she added. “And female characters are pretty much confined to supporting roles in this show.”

Wilton noted that most of the female characters play a supporting role.

“Thomas has Annie and Clarabel. They chug along behind him and repeat what he says and cheer him on or express concern and worry if they don’t feel he’s doing the right thing.”

See more of what she had to say about it here.


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  1. Nikki says:

    People need to get f**king lives


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