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Meet the Cast of ‘Lake Shore’

OK, so maybe even Canada doesn’t always get it right.

At the risk of prejudging — which is certain to be one of the lessons we all learn about in this new televisionary pursuit north of the border — Canada’s answer to “Jersey Shore” looks like an absolute train wreck.

While MTV’s “Jersey Shore” focused on a dysfunctional but occasionally lovable bunch of self-described “guidos,” “Lake Shore” aims to ratchet up the tension by deliberately casting a multicultural octet of fist-pumpers and hard-partiers.

What remains to be seen is whether it’s the good kind or the tragic kind.

Oh, one other detail to be worked out is that the show has yet to land a home on television. According to the show’s website, the production company is still in negotiations regarding where it will air. In fact, it hasn’t yet been shot and they’re still scouting locations on Toronto’s Lake Shore Boulevard and in downtown.

The buzz is growing, though, as a “sizzle reel” is gaining some traction on YouTube. Check it out below, and meet the eight cast members: The Turk, The Albanian, The Pole, The Czech, The Vietnamese, The Jew, The Italian and The Lebanese.

I only wish I was making up those labels. Get more updates from the show on the official site.


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